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Wed, Dec. 26th, 2007, 10:29 pm
hypotonic: I've compiled a list.

This is a list of 20 possible colleges which I might want to apply or go to. If anyone knows any information about any of these colleges, please tell me what you know. I'd love to hear from you. :)

1. Northeastern University*
2. Roger Williams University*
3. Cornell University*
4. Emerson College
5. Hartwick College*
6. Ithaca College
7. Providence College
8. Salve Regina College
9. Simmons College
10. Suffolk University
11. Susquehanna University
12. Syracuse University*
13. Trinity College
14. Tufts University
15. University of Connecticut
16. Clark University
17. Fairfield College
18. Brandeis University*
19. Western New England College*
20. University of Massachusetts (Boston)

*The stars mean the top choices, I guess.

So come forward with any info you may have, people. About anything. From academics, to food, to dorms, to teachers, to the surrounding towns, to whatever.

I'm thinking of majoring in Philosophy, with possibly a minor in either photography or journalism. Let me know if you know anything about those, too. THANKS! :D

Thu, Dec. 27th, 2007 06:35 am (UTC)

Seems like your also a fan of Rhode Island? Id say tap that action because Rhode Island is a great place to live. Roger Williams, Providence College, Salve Regina..

Even though I dont know anything about any of those schools. heh. But esp the ones near providence, its a great city, thriving nightlife, always something to do. And the state itself has great public transportation. Also approx an hour away from boston.. so its easy to hit up.

Thu, Dec. 27th, 2007 06:54 pm (UTC)

Yes, I'd love to live in either New York, Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Maybe other places, but mostly one of those. Thanks for the advice! :)