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Wed, Sep. 19th, 2007, 04:26 pm
demurediablo: OpinionScape

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a blog I'm involved in with a group of friends called Opinion Scape. We've just graduated from high school this year, and like the people that started this community, college_help, so on and so forth, we're interested in helping out people that are in what was our position one or two years ago - juniors, seniors, anyone looking to university. A year ago, we wanted to know what other people in our position were like and not in relation to one specific university, so we decided to fill that niche.

We intend to blog through our experiences before and after applying to college - our thoughts, issues, resources, regrets, advice... In that way we hope to give you a clearer picture - of where we were and how we dealt with whatever issue universities threw at us - than we could with short comments. Perhaps scare up a laugh on the way. There's a comment corner at the bottom of every entry, and an e-mail contact address for every blogger should you want to ask us any questions, we'll be glad to help.

The site is easily navigable, so you can browse through blog entries by category - choosing universities, tests, application process, admissions decisions, preparing for university, campus culture, etcetera - or by blogger. We have one blogger in a UK university, three in the US, international students, two gap year students (one accepted by a US college, one still to apply), two from large universities, one in a small college, interest in a variety of fields... and more perspectives are more than welcome!

The site is new, and most of our bloggers have just started university, so there may not be an entry on the topic you need an answer for. In that case, just ask us! It's an informal blog by students, for students - an alternative to a long self-help book by someone years away from the application process. :)

If you're interested in becoming one of the bloggers, contact our site administrator and blog creator, Han. If you're just confused and looking for a little help, or someone else's perspective, then drop by the blog and see if we can't be of use! If we are, or not, do let us know.

(cross-posting is inevitable)